On The Back

I am looking at the hair on my lover’s back. They move upward from the rise and fall of the curves. They all reach toward the sky. There are many. They are a black silhouette.

The black silhouettes are vivid. At times they resemble arteries from inside the human body. All of these shapes brought to life with the help of the changing colors. There are blue, orange, and pink. They fade from one into another. The pink is closest to the curves. Then orange with blue on top. The blue shines through the top while the brighter colors make the silhouettes that much more stark. This is the only light.

It is night time. The colors are seen as I dive in and out of the area around. The sky is purple. The valley is black. My sight is not accurate. I can feel the contours. The valleys engulf with a dive. They hide those beautiful silhouettes. The valleys try to hold me. There is warmth here. There is warmth that does not want to set me free. There is warmth that wants to hold me. If I dare look up to see the purple sky I can hear the heart beating.

It is all an elaborate trap. I cannot see much, but I know this. Everything but the silhouettes move in a dance. Everything around is full of life. “Join us” it all says. “Come be with me lover.”

About jminto

Jason A. Minto is an Manager at Octo Consulting. He also publishes the webcomic Dropped Packets. Dropped Packets is a serial webcomic that documents that travails of Reg and Jack as they deal with Information Assurance in the workplace.
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