Visited Before

I’ve come to see you before. It has actually been twice. The first time was a special trip. The second was for a show. Both were wonderful times.

There is a quaint island. How and why it continues to be used is beyond me. It is some forgotten part of the city hidden by a bridge. A tremendously expensive restaurant ruled the place on one end. It held court in a long since abandoned cannery. The other end had an upstart micro-brewery challenging the supremacy. Between the two were alley ways with various fronts. Some were businesses. Only a few were homes. The shops along the river were markets and local fare. An easily distracted pedestrian would lose hours on its streets. Shiny things dangled inside the windows asking passers-by to investigate.

The island is on the other side of the river from downtown. The view during day and night is both impressive and soothing. It is a delicate balance between the urban and the super natural. The skyline is framed by sharp white capped mountains. The man made buildings are a tribute to the gigantic splendor. The key to this mash-up is the dedicated green space that is an integral part of the city. It is a gentle gradient that soothes they eye as the city fades to one end.

Walking through this man-made masterpiece is a soothing experience. Even in the mid-day bluster of the downtown you can find peace. A quick look up can reveal heaven’s work while people bump into you from all directions. The smells of the city of course help. The crepe maker from down the corner whispers delicate favors to cold noses everywhere. And dogs are more frequent than walks in Manhattan. Life is all around – and people say “hi”.

“Hello to you too!”


About jminto

Jason A. Minto is an Manager at Octo Consulting. He also publishes the webcomic Dropped Packets. Dropped Packets is a serial webcomic that documents that travails of Reg and Jack as they deal with Information Assurance in the workplace.
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