Work Before Play

The roads were slippery. The car slid into the turn. The backend wanted to fish out, but it was easy to keep in check. The slow speed and early acceleration let the car missile through a gentle curve – albeit widely.

Last night’s snow had been less than an inch. The premature cold in the night was replaced by the warm day. The end effect was a top layer of snow melting and then refreezing as the temperature dropped. It crunched when your foot fell into the white and then hushed into the fluffy snow on the bottom. The wheels of the car tore through this like an ice breaker cruising through the artic.

You could feel the wheels as they broke through every inch. The car rumbled through the turn with acceleration. A spare tire made it wobbly. Then engine was confused, but obeyed. Getting onto the primary road was even more a challenge.

Wheels spun as snow was stuck to the tread. The wet blacktop was a slip-and-slide. Momentum is the perfect battery power for navigating snow. The hulk of the car pushed it up and into the road out of the spinning tires.

Control kept the wheels in the right direction. The engine grinned with a throaty sigh. The road was less work and it had a chance to run like an unchained dog. The exhaust has needed work for a while. Its baritone finally seemed appropriate. Its joy was short lived though.

The spare tire reminded everyone that it was there. Its legs can only carry it so far. After that they always start to shudder. The one on now was no different. The team was not sad, just resigned. Work must be completed before the play can begin.


About jminto

Jason A. Minto is an Manager at Octo Consulting. He also publishes the webcomic Dropped Packets. Dropped Packets is a serial webcomic that documents that travails of Reg and Jack as they deal with Information Assurance in the workplace.
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